We Offer Multiple Services

Aeroguard Services

Exterior Detailing

Dry Wash

Dry washing entails cleaning and protecting your aircraft’s external painted surfaces with aviation-approved chemicals and microfibre. It includes bug removal, oil removal and landing gear.

Paint Decontamination

A detailing service that is suggested for removing  “Lifting” contamination “embedded dust or dirt” from your aircrafts surface to provide a contamination free, smooth surface to apply protection to such as wax or ceramic coating.


Polishing restores the luster to the aircraft’s painted and unpainted surfaces, in addition to removing any hazing, oxidation, and overall brighting up the aircraft. 

Ceramic Coating

Exterior coatings are offered for long-term protection and shine to keep your aircraft looking its best for years. Ceramic is a hard shell that will prevent water stains, bird droppings, dirt, and other substances from harming the paint while making it easier to maintain.


Wax treatments will not only preserve the original paint job and keep your aircraft looking fantastic, but they will also significantly extend the paint’s lifespan.


Made from petroleum derivatives, polymers and resins, which are engineered to bond perfectly with your paint. Because of this, paint sealants are much more durable and stronger compared to waxes increasing the life of your paint.


A multi-step technique for removing oxidation and polishing metal to a like-new luster. This service should be performed annually or biannually depending on the manufacturer.

De-Ice Boots

De-icing boot refurbishment entails stripping, cleaning, and resealing. This 8-step procedure will protect, preserve, and restore your boots to a high gloss finish. De-icing boot treatments will not only keep the boots looking excellent, but they will also last longer and should be serviced biannually.

Interior Detailing

Wipe Down

A comprehensive interior cleaning and detailing procedure that involves wiping down all surfaces, vacuuming, and cleaning windows.

Carpet Extraction

A carpet cleaning and restoration service for wool carpets which utilizes a professional carpet hot water cleaner to remove built-up oils, grime, and spots and spills from accidents.

Stain Removal

Stain removal utilizing actual strips to balance out the ph levels, thereby not only concealing but also eliminating the stain

Leather Conditioning

Includes a deep cleaning of seats with proper products, stitching cleaned and blown out. Leather lotion applied to help protect them from drying out, fading or ripping.

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