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About Aeroguard

Aeroguard was born from our love of detailing. We now own and operate a detailing shop for vehicles in Green Bay, WI. One of our partners, a pilot, came up with the idea of detailing planes too. So, the adventure started with the “Is there a customer base for us to service?” The answer quickly became, yes, there is. We decided to jump right in and get after how, what, and where. We attended an aviation detailing school, found the correct insurance to purchase, tracked suppliers down to keep us fulfilled, and away we went. Our customer base was enthusiastic about our new venture and quickly asked for our services. We have built many wonderful partnerships with plane owners, mechanics, pilots, and line crews. We were welcomed with open arms and look forward to many years of success. 

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Why Choose Us

Through our exploration of what the company would look like, we took extra time to listen to our potential customers. We found that there was a need to help keep their investments healthy. Planes are expensive, and they ask for long-term care solutions and quick turnaround times. Nobody likes the idea of their plane being down and not flying. We take great pride in maintaining your equipment, no matter how big or small. Ask around. We do what we say we will do. Customer-centric always.